Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pivots Made Easy with APEX 5.0

From time to time we need to pivot data for presentation purposes. It's not something I do everyday, so the syntax is usually something I have to pull from the old toolbox as needed. With APEX 5.0, you can now pivot data within an interactive report and it's quite easy.

Let's say we've got a table of Super Bowl quarterbacks and their pass attempts per quarter.

...but we really would like the data displayed where we can compare the quarterbacks side by side...a textbook pivot. To accomplish this, go to Actions / Format / Pivot. There you see a dialog box that requests the pivot column, the row columns and the data to be included in the grid. The "Sum" checkbox does exactly that...totals the columns.

...resulting in the following output.

Obviously you should season to taste, but there you have it! Your data instantly pivoted courtesy of APEX 5.0

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...our journey continues


CRokitta said...

Hi Monty,

Yes, the APEX 5 enhancement on Interactive Reports are great, but I'm still not convinced end-users will embrace this as much as their beloved Excel or BI tool functionality.
If you really want to offer intuitive analyzing functionality in your APEX (4.2 or 5) application, you will need more advanced functionality. Have a look at this plug-in I developed: APEX SmartPivot.

(Sorry for this shameless plug ;-)


gustavo said...

Tks, fellow!

sushma said...

Is it possible to make css change like row color based on certain conditions in pivot report?

Raja said...


PIVOT in Apex provides MAX of three PIVOT Columns or ROW columns or FUNCTIONS. we can not add more.
I have a requirement to add more than 3 PIVOT Columns, ROW columns, and FUNCTIONS. Could you please let me know if you know any custom approach.

Thank You !!