Saturday, June 26, 2010

ODTUG Pays It Forward

Each year as has been the tradition, ODTUG kicks off Kaleidoscope with a Community Service Day. In New Orleans, we painted an Elementary School. In Monterey, we rehabilitated a section of shoreline and earlier today we made various improvements, both inside and out, to Ron Brown Elementary School located in eastern D.C.

Was it hot? You better know it was. Washington D.C. is suffering through record heat. As important as the the actual improvements themselves is the spirit of teamwork the event fosters. I was able to spend time with Lucas Jellema, Mary Lou Dopart, Tim Tow and fellow ODTUG Board members, Jerry Ireland and Jeff Jacobs.

My group was tasked with cleaning and painting an outdoor recreation area. Here's a group shot. (I'm holding up the 'K')

I would certainly recommend arriving a day early to participate in ODTUG's Community Service Day.

Our journey continues...

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