Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Glad to be a Part of Insum!

Sometimes it just clicks...sometimes it just feels right...sometimes the best things are worth waiting for. That's the feelings I have around my decision to join Insum, the largest APEX consultancy in North America.

A little bit about Insum...
"Insum is a highly creative solution center specialized in Oracle Database, developing innovative applications for clients and partners in North America. Founded in 2002, Insum has been assisting customers realize the full benefits of Oracle Database with Application Express since 2005. In fact, Insum is a pioneer with APEX and is today the largest consultancy specialized in Oracle APEX developments in North America. Privately held with offices in Montreal, Canada and South Burlington, USA, Insum has the most complete and experienced staff to serve the needs for complex application development and deployments in a wide range of industries. Come discover our unique APEX center of excellence"

I first became aware of Insum through Francis Mignault. We met in New Orleans during KScope2008 at the last, great APEX meetup. I think back now and realize what a special night that was. Going around the room was Carl, Dimitri, John Scott, Dan McGhan, Roel, Raj, Josh, Joel, Dietmar, etc. Francis and I just kinda hit it off that night. Ever since then we do our best to carve out time to sit and visit. Sometimes it involves a nice cigar, sometimes it's five minutes between sessions, all times special. A few years later I met Michel and Patrick. Solid folks whom you could tell had a passion for the technology and even back then I knew that given the opportunity, I would take up with this company from the Great White North.

Insum continues to grow their client base in the U.S. and as a result is building a team of developers to handle this demand. For the first time in my career I'll be able to concentrate full time on Application Express. It's going to be fun. I'll commit to blogging more and probably get back on the lecture circuit.

I'd like to thank SCGTS for the last four years in which I have grown personally and professionally. Truly some of the smartest individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. I'm expecting to aid in transition through August 15 before reporting to Montreal for onboarding.

So, I'm proud to be....an Insum-niac! (I doubt that's actually a word) Look it, if you're a highly skilled APEX developer..let's talk. If you're a company in need of APEX expertise, let's definitely talk.

...our journey continues

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