Thursday, September 10, 2015

Updating Your Twitter Username

For years now, my Twitter username has been monty_odtug.

However, as my time on the ODTUG Board draws to a close, I've decided to update my Twitter username to simply monty_latiolais.  To tell you the truth I wasn't even sure I could do it without losing all my tweets, favorites and most importantly, my followers. Turns out, it's pretty easy to do. So if you'd like to update your Twitter username follow these simple steps.

1. Log into your Twitter account by visiting

2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right of the screen.

3. Choose "Settings" from the drop down

4. Near the top of the screen, you will see a box where your existing username appears. Enter your new username here.

5. Click "Save changes"

6. Re-enter your password

That's it. That's all there is. The change took place immediately.

NOTE: If you find yourself still using @monty_odtug, no worries. I created that account and will follow it during this transition.

Now if you're reading this and haven't yet followed me on Twitter, get on board.

...our journey continues


Steven Feuerstein said...

Very helpful! I created my personal twitter account with a typo "stevefeuerstein" instead of "stevenfeuerstein" and have regretted it ever since. Perhaps it is time to change.

So you change the username and thereby you keep all your followers with the new name, and then maintain the old one to help transition people over.

I got that right?

thatJeffSmith said...

Exactly right.

I did the same thing about 5 years ago. I went back and created the old account, more so someone else couldn't snag it and pretend to be the old 'me'..pretty much everyone got the new account thing figured out and I never really got any replies or messages to the old account.

Or in other words, it's no big deal, and go ahead and fix your typo :)

Monty Latiolais said...

You're right, Steven. I went back and created monty_odtug anew to catch those who typed it in directly.

Scott Wesley said...

That's an interesting thought. I've made a few mistakes choosing usernames in the past, not that swesley_perth phases me much, it's grown on me.

My gmail address, however...

Monty Latiolais said...

Unless you change jobs or there are obvious mispeelings you should probably keep yours...unless you change locales.