Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition - How'd They Do It? (Part 9)

At Kscope 15 this year we launched the first ever ODTUG APEX game competition. The APEX community responded with 15 entries! Each and every one of them left me thinking "How'd they do that?" So, let's find out more about the games and those who wrote them.

Our winning entry comes from Anderson Rodrigues Ferreira.

First off, tell me a little about yourself.
My name is Anderson Rodrigues Ferreira.
I am from Brasilia, the capitol of Brazil! I am a Computer Engineer at Brazilian Court of Audit (Tribunal de Contas da União - TCU). 
I am Oracle Apex Developer Expert Certified; Oracle Database SQL Expert Certified and Professional Scrum Master Certified. 
I am Apex speaker in Latin American events. 
I am the coordinator of the Apex Tour Latinoamérica, the greatest Apex-only event of Latin America. 
If you want to reach me.
My twitter: @andersonrf81 
My blog: (Only in Portuguese! Sorry!)
How many years of APEX experience do you have?
6 years of Apex experience. I started in Apex 3.2
What motivated you to participate in the APEX Gaming Competition?
I love Apex, so developing a game in Apex would be great!
I like challenges and as we are upgrading Apex to version 5, I wanted experience in Apex 5. 
We decided enter the competition seven days before the submission limit, when we noticed that they changed the submission date.
This game is my first Apex 5 application! 
What is the name of your game?

The name of the game is APEX Hold'em Truco.

Briefly describe your game.
It is a multiplayer game based on Truco, the most played card game in Brazil. If you want to play alone, robots will play against you. 
This game is for four players in fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite. 
A game consists of a series of rounds, in each of which a partnership may win one or more points. The first partnership to collect 12 (or more) points over many rounds wins the game.
How long did it take you to develop your games?
It took me 7 days! This shows us how quickly we can develop in Apex 5!
What was the most challenging element of your game design and how did you overcome it?
The discard in a multiplayer game. To solve the problem, we used a Dynamic Action that submits the discharged card and saves the cards in a table and every player refreshes periodically the page to get the cards in the game.
Alright, how can I play?
The game can be reached in the following link:
You only need to create a player (name and avatar) and select/create a game table!

Anything else you'd like to add?
Our game is a 100% Apex application and it was developed in only 7 days. It works on desktop or mobile devices. 
I loved this competition and I am planning on participate next year again!
I'd like to add that I learned a lot of Apex painting a bathroom with Monty in Kscope!

Thanks, Anderson. I remember that day well. ODTUG KScope12 Community Service Day in San Antonio.

In fact, I was able to scare up a picture or two.
We were so innocent.

It was a pleasure working beside you that day and I'm happy to call you my friend.

...our journey continues

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