Friday, November 3, 2017

What Color is YOUR Tractor?

Martin Widlake, a giant in the Oracle Community, tweeted something to the effect that he had purchased a lawn tractor. In fact, here's the actual tweet...

To which I responded..."it's how well you mow fast"

...which referenced the John Deere series of commercials at the time which professed "It's not how fast you's how well you mow fast". I thought the commercials were hilarious. Decide for yourself.

Notice, my reply never mentioned John Deere...not a single hash tag..not even the entire quote from the commercial. So you can imagine my surprise when I almost immediately received a request to DM @JohnDeere. What? Are they going to make me take down the tweet? You've gotta be kidding. C'mon, really?? 

Nope, they just wanted to show their appreciation. 

And in the mail came this...

WOW! I know it was just a T-shirt, but I was blown away because it was so unexpected and unsolicited. I wasn't trying to get on their radar or curry favor. I was just trying to be a wise guy on Twitter. 

One thing is certain, you can guess the color of my next tractor....all for the price of a t-shirt.

...our journey continues.


Christian Rokitta said...

Hi Monty,

Is this post meant to be an analogy to developing with APEX? Like … “It’s not how fast you build application, but how well you build applications fast!” Kind of true, isn’t it?! Thus, now I just have to wait for Oracle to send me this t-shirt, right?!


Monty Latiolais said...

Not really, I was simply telling the story as it happened. But I love the connection you made. Very clever, Mr. Rokkita!