Sunday, June 28, 2009

ODTUG K-Scope 2009 - Decompression

Put a fork in it! Kaleidoscope 2009 is done.

Now that I'm back home in San Antonio, Texas, I'll take a minute to fill you in on just exactly what you missed and why you should absolutely attend next year.

My job doesn't involve significant travel, so I always look forward to Kaleidoscope. I do love to travel, but I'm sure if it were something I was forced to do regularly I would have the same permanent scowl seen on business travelers in airports everywhere.

This year Kaleidoscope is in Monterey. I've always considering Monterey a special place. I used to frequent that area years ago while living in California. I look forward to seeing how things have changed over the years.

I was asked to be on the Conference Committee back in December. It was a considerable amount of work and obligated much of my time in Monterey, but it was well worth it. Working with the rest of the Conference Committee has been a great expereince. My specific responsibilities centered around the Hands-On Labs. Knowing what "could" go wrong, I kept my fingers crossed until the last session completed.

This year I had my wife, Dianne, and my mother, Judy, in tow. They were as busy as I was and no doubt traveled every square mile of the penninsula by the end of the week.

Next up...our journey begins!

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