Thursday, July 30, 2009

ODTUG K-Scope 2009 - Day Five

Bright and early, Monday morning, I met Derek Hill in the Hands-On Labs. I skipped the keynote address, but knew it was most important for Derek and myself to have the labs ready to go.

I hated to miss Mike Riley's talk on volunteerism, but I knew he'd understand. Before we knew it, the rooms began to fill up with attendees.

The rest of the day went extremely smooth.

That evening I was invited to attend supper with Jeff Jacobs, Steven Feurstein, Mike Ault, John King, Michelle Malkin and Marc de Oliveira. Dinner was great. The conversation stimulating.

When it was over instead of piling into a cab, John, Michelle, Marc, Dianne (wifey) and myself hoofed it all the way back to the Hyatt from downtown. It was a beautiful night and a fitting end to a wonderful day.

Our journey continues...

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