Thursday, March 10, 2016

KScope16 Hands On Labs Announced!

ODTUG has released the APEX Hands On Labs for KScope16. There seems to be something for everyone. For the advanced APEX user, I expect Anton's session on IoT would be of interest as would Dan McGhan's session on Oracle JET. If you are just looking at APEX, David and Marc's sessions will pay dividends. Finally, no one should pass up an opportunity to hear Alex's little buddy, Shakeeb talk about migrating to the Universal Theme.

There you have it...the APEX Hands On Labs for KScope16. Save me a seat!

Application Express

Build Something! IOT = Internet + Oracle + Things

Anton Nielsen, C2 Consulting

This Hands-On Lab will introduce you to the the Internet of Things by allowing you to build your own thing and connect it to an Oracle APEX application. You will select a circuit board, wires, capacitors, a WiFi device, LEDs, and a sensor. Then you get to wire them together into a real THING, connect to the Internet, and start communicating with an Oracle Database. Finally, you will build an APEX application to control your thing and report on its data. Please note there are two scheduled times to see this session.

Productive JavaScript Development: Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit

Dan McGhan, Oracle Corporation
JavaScript-based, single-page applications (SPAs) are incredibly popular these days – and for good reason! This style of application provides developers with a great deal of flexibility and control, and end users enjoy the responsiveness and speed that comes with fewer full-page reloads. To empower developers working on SPAs, Oracle developed the JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), a collection of open-source JavaScript libraries along with a set of Oracle-contributed JavaScript libraries that make it as simple and efficient as possible to build applications that consume and interact with Oracle products and services, especially Oracle Cloud services.

In this Hands-On Lab, attendees will learn how to get started building applications with Oracle JET. We’ll jumpstart a new application with the QuickStart template and then extend it out with a few of the components that Oracle JET provides, including a data visualization component.

Building a Basic Demo Application Using Oracle Application Express

David Peake, Jason Straub, and Patrick Wolf, Oracle Corporation

This one “double” session (two-plus hours) is designed to take you through building a comprehensive application using Application Express. It is designed for people with no prior knowledge or very little experience developing with Application Express. You will learn how to develop a large number of different application components and walk out with the confidence and understanding of how to start building your own applications using Oracle Application Express.

Transitioning to Oracle Application Express 5 Universal Theme

David Peake and Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle Corporation

Oracle Application Express 5 introduces many new features that enable you to quickly build modern and beautiful HTML5 applications. The new Universal Theme implements current design trends and utilizing the new declarative template options, and puts powerful CSS3 techniques at your fingertips. In this session, you will walk through transitioning your existing application to the new Universal Theme. Using some of the packaged apps included with Oracle Application Express 4.2 as examples, we’ll demonstrate step by step how to transition these apps to Oracle Application Express 5.

Creating Mobile Applications Using Application Express 5

David Peake and Marc Sewtz, Oracle Corporation

Learn how you can declaratively build a compelling mobile application that uses some of the latest HTML5 capabilities, with Application Express. No hand crafting or in-depth knowledge of JavaScript or AJAX is required. Instead, bring your SQL knowledge and discover how quickly you can build web-based mobile applications using the Oracle Application Express declarative framework.

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