Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New to APEX? These KScope 16 sessions are for you!

The APEX Community is amazing.

It's a credit to Joel Kallman and the APEX Dev Team. It's a credit to the Oracle ACE's and ACE Directors specializing in APEX. It's a credit to those companies like Insum who challenge the stereotypes and demonstrate exactly what APEX is capable of. It's a credit to every APEX developer everywhere.

As President of ODTUG I worked with all of the communities, but I can tell you there's nothing..nothing like the APEX Community.

While many of us have been using APEX for years, we must remember the current popularity of the tool means that new developers are arriving daily - which is the subject of today's post.

A quick look at the this year's KScope16 APEX lineup and it's clear to see there's something for everyone. I took a stab at building a session list I feel would have particular appeal to someone looking at APEX for the first time, or someone without much experience with the tool. In addition to the expected APEX intro sessions, you'll see a pretty wide range of topics - everything from hands-on labs, to panel discussions, to mobile development, to SQL and PL/SQL. That's because to be that solid APEX developer, you need a solid Oracle foundation to stand on.

The list below should keep you plenty busy. Make sure to drop by the Insum booth to let me know what you think.

Oh, and you MUST plan to attend the Sunday Symposium and Thursday Deep Dive.

Click here to see the session list!

In a future post we'll assemble a session list for those more experienced APEX developers.

...our journey continues

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