Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where Will You Be Next June?

It’s late summer. KScope11 has come and gone and now will remain a part of ODTUG lore into perpetuity. For those of you in attendance, you will agree it was an unforgettable week of learning, of networking, of catching up with old friends, of making new ones. For those of us who have attended previous KScopes, you know this one had a different vibe to it – a different feel. I’m not sure exactly why. Was it the influx of new attendees? Was it the location? Was it the program content? Was it the extracurricular activities? Perhaps all of the above. One thing is for certain, this new vibe has separated ODTUG from the pack. There’s now an energy present. There’s now a momentum pushing us forward to deliver an even more memorable experience next time around. Which brings me to the point of this post….

Where will you be next June? If the answer is not San Antonio, well, “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do”.

Is it money? Register early and save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars over standard registration rates. Better yet, submit an abstract and if accepted, your registration goes to $0. I’m sorry, free is as low as we go.

Is it time? Talk to the boss early and you’ll see he’s a reasonable guy. He wants you to sharpen your skills. He wants you to be the person the rest of team goes to when faced with the tough tasks. Right? OK, there’s always the alternative of taking vacation. I admit, there have been years I’ve taken personal leave to attend KScope. Trust me, it’s something I’ve never regretted for a second. San Antonio Marriott

Family responsibilities? Bring ‘em. ODTUG is embracing the idea of bringing your family and San Antonio is a wonderful place to do so. There’s Six Flags Theme Park, Sea-World, The Riverwalk, the Alamo, and much more. Plus the J.W. Marriott has activities planned for the families during your entire stay. From the waterpark, to nature walks, to world-class golf, you can rest assured your family will have an excellent time while you’re in session. Stay tuned to for additional details.

You know, growing up there was a car dealer in my hometown that advertised “If you can find a better deal, buy it.” I say, “If you can find a better technical conference tailored to Oracle developers….attend it.” The truth is you can’t. I’ve looked. It’s not there.

So, I do have one last question for you….

Where will you be next June?

Our journey continues...

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